We are a boutique law firm situated in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus. Our aim is to offer high quality services, provided by our team of experienced lawyers. We pride ourselves on the personalised service that we are able to offer as we know and understand that each client is unique and hence, so are his needs. We adapt to your needs because we know that is what is necessary in an ever changing and evolving world.

Our experience is your advantage

Our team has expertise in dispute resolution, whether that be litigation, arbitration or mediation. We specialise in an array of areas of law and you will be dealt with the most experienced of our lawyers, depending on what your dispute entails.

We use our experience in corporate matters and transferring these skills into everyday situations that arise, we do our utmost to provide solutions, done within the timeframes set down by the client. We understand that certain matters have to be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and with paramount confidentiality.

Our knowledge provides solutions

As a boutique law firm, you will always have the undivided attention of the senior lawyers and partners of the firm. We are about the individual and each and every client is treated as such.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our lawyers, please click here or call us on 25107800 and we will be happy to meet you.