In the current ever-changing world and business environment, we are able to provide the expert advice needed in order for the client to achieve his aims. We understand that clients need to protect their interests and assets and we are able to provide advice as to how to deal with issues in a way that makes both business sense and is compatible with the client’s individual needs and interests.

Through us and our (connected) company, LMK Corporate Services Limited, we are able to provide an array of services relating to corporate matters including but not limited to the incorporation of companies, their administration and the provision of legal advice relating to shareholder issues and disputes, agreements between shareholders and many other ancillary services relating to Cyprus companies.

Cyprus Investment Programme Our firm is registered with the Registry of Service Providers of the Cyprus Investment Programme which allows us to provide advisory services relating to the Cyprus Investment Programme. If you would like advice on finding a property to invest in or any business opportunities, please contact us for a free consultation.

Contracts  Every day, in every aspect of our life, we deal with third parties and we enter into contracts, whether these are oral or written contracts which we are bound to abide by and we undertake both responsibilities and duties, together with our rights.

The practice of our firm in this area is the protection of our clients by preparing a detailed contract which safeguards our clients’ rights and the security needed to protect their interests is provided. 

The revision of a contract is very important and through the discussion of the parties, the true intentions of the parties appear clearly as well as the real meaning that they want to capture in writing up the contract or agreement.

We can handle all types of matters relating to contracts which would also include taking legal action for the specific performance of a contract, for compensation and other claims arising from the contract, recognition of rights and obligations, and more. For more on this, please click here (link to contracts under litigation)

Trusts There are a number of benefits to creating a trust and using the Cyprus International Trusts legal framework to do this. Please contact us for further information on this. The concept of trust law and Cypriot trusts may also be interconnected with cross border family law issues.


Our knowledge in this area of law coupled with the support offered to us from our external tax advisor, allows us to offer our clients any assistance needed in tax issues, as well as support and advice for the provision of substance for a company, as per the new guidelines that have been set down.

With the new rules for CRS, FATCA and the exchange of information between the tax authorities of countries, we need to have a proper structure which shows that the company has substance.

Cyprus remains a very attractive corporate hub and can still be utilised by clients for their businesses and investments. However, the clients will now have to show that they have substance in Cyprus which can be proven by having an office in Cyprus and employees on the pay roll.

We are able to offer our services to assist a client in setting up a physical presence in Cyprus, together with the recruitment of staff and the handling of any immigration issues in case of staff being brought from abroad to work.

Intellectual Property and Competition Law As our team of lawyers are specialised in matters of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, this is also an issue which is covered in terms of corporate matters that may involve any company and not limited to litigation on such matters.

Funds We have close ties to investment firms which can provide our clients with investment advice, if they so wish. Due to the close working relationship with such firms, we make it our priority to keep ourselves constantly informed and updated on the markets and the new legislation and rules which are put in place for the management of funds.