In the event of a dispute arising between parties and the filing of proceedings, we are able to provide expert support and advice on any matters through our team of experienced lawyers, whether these relate to litigation, arbitration or mediation.

Our legal team can handle various problems that may arise in wide-ranging legal issues – our team of lawyers has vast experience in an array of legal fields, specialising in the following:

Family law. This covers all family law issues that may arise from a separation including division of assets, child support, communication matters and any other matter that may arise. We are also able to provide expert legal advice on cross border family issues and through our extended network of affiliated law firms around the world, we are able to provide support in such legal issues that may arise. Combining our knowledge of family law with the law of trusts, we are able to provide expert opinions on this matter as to the validity of trusts and the capability of a client to apply for and have injunctions issued to freeze assets pending the outcome of litigation in other jurisdictions.

Intellectual Property. This area of law can entail both litigation matters that arise from infringements and corporate matters that relate to the registration of rights. For further information regarding the latter area, please click here.

Property law. This includes any disputes which may arise from the buying or selling of property, rent control matters, tenancy issues and any other matter which may arise in relation to the ownership of property. For matters relating to the purchase or sale of property, please click here.

Personal injury claims. This would include any injury claims resulting from traffic accidents, work related accidents or any such circumstances.

Contracts. Contracts are a part of every day life and various legal matters can arise from such contracts, including the right to compensation, the right to enforce specific performance of a contract and any other litigation matter that may arise from the drafting, signing or breaching of a contract. Please contact us  so that we are able to advise you further on such subjects.

Torts. This area of law covers an array of litigious matters. Please contact us so that we are able to advise you further on such subjects.